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I'm impressed.

  1. 35 Ways to Marry the Man of Your Dreams by Jacqueline Hopkins - - Dymocks?
  3. Chapter 1: Public Views on Marriage.

I'm a male and I've been married for 20 years. This is the most accurate and succinct portrayal of marriage I've ever read. You couldn't have been more accurate.


As I was growing up and going through life no one ever advised me of Vikki's perspective on "men" the majority of my generation of women do not know these facts - someone should tell them I never realized how fragile men really are. I grew up with the men around me being the pillars of their communities and more so their families.

There was a sense of valor with them. They fought in wars for f If men are so emotionally fragile and all they think of is with their penis, will they find happiness and comfort with younger women? Or are younger women just smarter and more heartless take the money and run? Vikki makes marriage sound like it's a life of ego stroking and sex. Marriage comes with making a living; feeding and housing the children; marriage is about communicating.

Are women suppose to be mind readers? Are women suppose to be Mothers to their husbands? From Vikki's assessment of men and women, I now have a way deeper admiration of the men who stick with their families and wives. And who do not use gender as an excuse to get through life. Is Vikki's suggestion to all us abandoned women that if we don't want to live alone Spot on!

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  • Having been in a long term relationship for going on 40 years and looking back I definitely would have done things different and thank God that my daughter saw in my marriage what she didn't want. Your comment was a breath of fresh air for me as I wonder if my long term marriage is going to make it. I only saw my husband as selfish, self-serving as I dealt with life problems that came along with finances, children, caring for elderly parent's, entertaining, etc It was like he was thinking, you do the hard work and I'll show up for anything you provide that is fun.

    This article that was wrote I believe is true of men, although it sickens me to find out the truth. My, my, we are from two different worlds, My husband just went along for the ride, and I just dragged him along for 33 years of our marriage, with children he never really wanted either. I feel so used, abuse and thrown out like I was garbage, Two people who should have parted ways many, many years ago. Your husband didn't go along for the ride and you haven't been dragging him.

    Not for the KIDS. Although I'm sure he wanted and loves his children. Why would you feel used? It is your husband that should feel used They don't dream about what it is going to be like to be married. They don't practice writing YOUR name over and over on their notebooks. They meet and fall in love with a woman, at least in the usual circumstances.

    I think some men just decide it's time to marry and who ever is around happens to get the "prize. The woman is then left a bit sad after she realizes it isn't the fairytale she'd hoped for. Men seem to know better than women that it is not a fairytale and I don't know why we have this gender bias. Even though I'm now very happy single, I went through the "I want to be married soooo bad" emotions in my 20s.

    I grew up with the rom-coms and the books where women were not cool or were nobodies if they didn't have a man. We all grew up with "old maid" and "spinster" and "crazy cat lady" verbiage. Where are those epithets for men? So, in short I don't think the author is gender bashing.

    We just don't want to hear about these stereotypes but unfortunately they're mostly true. I'm really hoping that young-women-to-be growing up in our internet based world will see the folly of that kind of thinking marriage mania and be more practical about marriage -- like MEN.

    It isn't supposed to be perfect all the time. It isn't blissful a lot of the time. It isn't a friggin' fairytale!

    35 Ways to Marry the Man of Your Dreams

    Happiness is up to you and marriage won't get it for you. Marriage is a lot of work that most people seem to think is worth it.

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    I can't and won't argue about that. What I do want most is for women to stop making it into something it isn't. If marriage doesn't make one happy then why do it? If it is hard work and one isn't getting anything from it other than isolation and misery, then get out of it. Just because one's buddies are doing it and everybody puts pressure on people to do it doesn't mean marriage is right for everybody. As a childless single I'm also friendless.

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    Nothing in common with other women so they ignore or outright shun me. Meaning, to me, that marriage is a legal contract filed with the state, and along with that, marriage is whatever the 2 people make it.

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    • Too often we follow stereotyped roles. I think to a large degree we're trying to cobble antiquated marriage-as-property-rights onto a modern chick-flick passionate love affair, raise kids in between, as well as grow personally and as a couple, while keeping up with the changing mores of society and surviving the economic ups and downs. Tall order for superman, let alone ordinary humans who can barely keep up with their smart phones :.

      I have never thought of it this way, but I have to say it really clicked for me. You do state the reason why some men leave, but not when women walk out. I am wondering if the reason is because as you state "to women it is a package" and thus, you might really love someone but we want it all…and if one of those things isn't working, things start getting bad…but when too many aren't working, you can love your husband and sometimes it's not enough…just a little part of that marriage…hmmm.

      Why do so many experience so many problems with marriage?

      How to get what you want from men

      Why is just about every woman's magazine about helping them with marriage either getting into one or helping them once they're in one? Why are there so many marriage counselors, divorce lawyers, etc? And yet, we continue to blame human beings. One only has to look at the history of marriage to know that our present day view of it is a bit wrong.

      We see marriage through rose colored glasses nowadays. And, we denigrate single people. We make them feel "less than" if they aren't married. So much social pressure to conform. Our feelings ebb and flow and they change. It is a lot to ask. My grandparents weren't "happily" married. They just stayed together. My great grandparents were miserable. When I was a child, I stayed with them through the summers. It is only now looking back at that time that I remember they hardly said a word to each other.

      My GGM would silently go about her "duty" of cooking his supper and putting it in front of him. He wouldn't even grunt a word of thanks. They slept in separate bedrooms. They came and went without any thought to the other one. I often think that is profoundly sad but we hold their generation up as the ideal.